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Capers in Cosmetics ( 1 )

Capers are a prime source of vitamins and minerals, hence they come along with a long list of health benefits. Capers are the object of many scientific studies and their skin and hair benefits are commonly understood.

Each 100 grams capers contain 5 gram carbohydrate, 0.4 gram sugar, 
3 grams dietary fiber, 0.9 gram fat, 2 gram protein, 4 mg vitamin C, 
138 IU vitamin A, 24.6 mg vitamin K, 0.88mg vitamin E, 0.652 mg niacin, 
0.139 mg riboflavin,1.7 mg iron, 2960 mg sodium, 40 mg potassium, 
and 96 KJ energies.

The world has seen the rise of skin & hair products using capers as one of the main components. In this article :

Capers Promote Hair Growth

Capers are widely used in hair care products since it is rich in vitamin B and iron. Both are known for promoting hair growth. Vitamin B helps blood circulation in our body. Thus, it sustains the overall health of hair since blood circulation is a primary condition for healthy and shiny hair. Iron helps to prevent hair loss.

Davines, Parma, Italy

In 1983 the Bollati family established Davines in Parma, Italy. The company started as a research laboratory specialized in the production of top quality hair and skin care products for renowned cosmetic companies worldwide. Davines is a combination of the names Davide (Chairman of the company) and his sister Stefania. It is pronounced Da-vee-ness.

Every Davines product is designed, formulated and produced in Parma, hence 100% made in Italy.

Their Credo: Sustainability

At Davines they believe that the balance between beauty and sustainability, what they call “sustainable beauty”, can improve our lives and the world around us. By creating “beauty” they want to encourage people to take care of themselves, of the environment in which they live and work and of the things they love. For Davines, sustainability represents the brand’s responsibility to ourselves, the people we work with, our customers, and the world in which we live and operate.

All packaging of Davines products are ZERO-IMPACT. The Davines Village is carbon neutral as well. In the factories and offices, they use only electricity and thermal energy (bio methane) from renewable sources. These inexhaustible sources of energy do not emit CO2, do not pollute, and are constantly renewed. Every product we formulate, design and produce is manufactured using clean energy.

The Davines Group has been a B Corp since 2016. The certification awarded by the Italian body B Lab is a result of the company’s new way of doing business, combining profit making with the objective of generating a positive impact on people and on the environment; this is expressed through the continuous development of new projects inside and outside the company to positively affect the environment and the people.

The Haircare Line

The Davines hair care products are divided into 9 different lines. Each line’s formula uses using active ingredients from

9 Italian Slow Food Presidia,

such as the Paceco Cartucciaru melon, the Torre Guaceto Fiaschetto tomato and the Noto almond.

Minu Shampoo

For the MINU line, Davines uses a Salina’s Caper blossom extract from Mr. Salvatore D’Amico’s farm in Salina, Sicily. The extract of buds of Salina capers is rich in antioxidants that are effective in protecting colored hair.

This line has been developed specifically for colored hair and includes a shampoo, hair serum, a conditioner and a hair mask.

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Minu shampoo with caper extract

An illuminating and protective shampoo, MINU/ is formulated with caper blossom extract to gently cleanse, protect and extend the lifespan of colored hair.

Salina Capers are good sources of quercetin (a protective amino acid) and color-protecting polyphenols.


Protection of cosmetic color.

Bright color for longer.

Hydrated, soft and silky hair.

Natural active ingredients

Davines Cosmetics


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Carta Etica di Davines

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