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Best Packaging Design for Capers

Obsessed with capers & their packaging and in line with my previous article on capers in graphic design,  it’s time to hunt for the best packaging design for capers!

In 1999 I started my own business, ‘Flavors of the World’ to sell & promote gourmet food products. My most important criteria:  original packaging design.

From ugly commercial labels to stylistic design, capers, mostly packed in small glass jars, are often ‘neglected’ when it comes to packaging.

Yet creative spirits working in tandem with the best graphic design studios have been put to work to honor the caper as a luxury product. A status this humble yet noble bud truly deserves.

Here comes my selection.


Anyfion Greek capers

Anyfion products are high quality bio products produced in Greece.

Matadog design was assigned to redesign the Anyfion GmbH product line that consists of caper, honey and olive oil products and fruits.

Anyfion honey

The design solution is simple yet elegant for these high quality products.

Creative Agency: Matadog Design
Creative Director/Designer: Andreas Kioroglou
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Anyfion GmbH
Location: Switzerland
Packaging Contents: Caper, Olive Oil, 
Honey, Bio products

Delfino Battista

Cetara: land of our fathers

Delfino capers

In Ancient times, many Mediterranean resorts were called Taricheiai (in Greek) or Cetaria (in Latin) as many places for processing fish were to be found there.

Cetara, a delightful, small fishing village near Vietri sul Mare owes its name to this century long tradition. In the Middle Ages nearly all the Roman processing places became tuna-fishing plants and the production of garnishes and dressings became much less popular.

In Cetara, Delfino Battista still carries on the tradition of fish processing and producing gourmet delicacies. Their production can be traced to Cetara’s link with the splendid waters of the Amalfi Coast. In Cetara Marina not far from the beach, Delfino Battista has now opened a retail shop where all their products can be found.

De Gustibus non disputandum est !

Taste is personal. But I like the simplicity of the label! Hence I chose it to feature here. For those unlucky to visit the Amalfi Coast, you can buy the Delfino products online. Delfino product catalogue

Travel & explore their products by clicking here.

Caravaglio Capers


Caravaglio capers

Caravaglio capers are the fruit of a beautiful family story.

The label as shown on the left is no longer used, but I chose it because of its simplicity.






the story of the Caravaglio family

La Nicchia

Another minimalistic label for a grand product !

Unusually moreish, savoury and aromatic with a touch of the signature sharp-saltiness you get from capers. They partner exceedingly well with fresh ricotta and burrata.


Finely shred the caper leaves and stir through rice dishes or add whole into mixed leaf salads for bursts of flavour. Much like caper berries, the leaves are excellent with Mediterranean fish dishes and tomato pasta sauces. For a unique starter, drain the caper leaves and coat in a light batter. Deep fry until golden and serve with aioli.

Lewis Moberly for Waitrose Cooks’

Sometimes the best packaging design is the almost absence of design!

Waitrose capers

This design has been around for a while, but it’s one that is so well done on many levels. From the great typography and copy writing, to the simple design and pleasing color palette that highlights the product itself, it just works.

This style of typography is now being imitated by many companies. Designed by the wonderful Lewis Moberly, this line has won numerous awards, including the Design Business Association’s Design Effectiveness Award. But the reward for the client is equally exciting. According to an article by the dba:

“In the 10 months since launch, average weekly sales of the Cooks’ Ingredients range have been 43 per cent above target. Design development costs were recouped in the revenue from three weeks sales and profitability was achieved in 12 weeks.”

That’s a whole handful of praise.

More caper design…


Melima Capers










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