About Me


Me as a Hotelier, a Traveler & a Foodie





“There is a lot of mees in me.”

I am Karin, a single mom with a 17-year old daughter, Nerjis ( anno 2020 ). In October 2015, I left a comfortable materialistic life in Brussels, Belgium. I moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina, with my daughter.

Here in Buenos Aires I am most of the time a hotelier. In the course of five challenging years I renovated a historical building – a typical casa chorizo designed by Alejandro Christophersen, – and opened an eco boutique hotel, MARCEL. The hotel welcomes groups & individual travelers.

Late March 2020, like most places in the world, the entire country went under lock down because of corona. Yet, unlike the rest of the planet, six months later, we are still in quarantine. The longest quarantine of all.

Crisis comes with opportunity. For me, with the hotel closed, it meant time to explore my writing skills. What to write about best if it were not for my culinary passion. I like to eat & cook. I love to travel. What better combination than combining  both.

I grew up with a father who loved to dine & wine. Through him I acquired a taste for fine food, premium wine & travel. That love grew stronger during my year in the culinary capital of Italy, Bologna.  I ventured into cooking for larger groups, explored the local markets. I became critical about food, the way we harvest, eat it, grow it.

To my knowledge, Buenos Aires like the rest of Argentina does not have a food critic. I am thrilled & excited to step in.

With this website, “The Caper Chase”, I embarked on a journey that will lead you & me through various countries, regions and cuisines. And when the border reopens, it will be time to travel. Travel again !

Why “The Caper Chase”

How can something so small like a caper bud inspire an entire website? I have to admit, till a short while ago, I had no clue. Then I ran across an article describing the health potential of capers in the fight against corona. I wandered off in google land to reconnect with all my passions. I did an article for my other blog   “Green on the Beach” 

on “Capers, Quercetin & Corona”

I then decided to dedicate an entire blog on the caper, starting with that same article.

A whole new world opened up on me. That’s how “The Caper Chase” was born.

My Credo

I want to share the wonderful world of capers with you, learn, explore, enjoy, laugh & cry, reconnect with nature. I have lost too many friends lately because of corona or not because of it. But one thing I know for sure, life is too short not to be lived at the fullest!

Come & share the ride with me.

Karin Dhadamus